Discipline System

School Timings

  • Pre. Nursery - 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 NOON.
  • Nursery - 7:50 A.M. to 12:45 P.M.
  • I - XII - 7:50 A.M. to 02:10 P.M.
  • The school will remain closed on Second Saturday and Fourth Saturday of every month for classes (VI - XII)
  • The school gate will open at 7:30 A.M. and close at 7:50 A.M. No entry will be allowed after the gate closes.

Discipline Card System

Yellow Card

As punctuality and discipline are integral part of the school system soschool follows a card system as a monitoring tool for discipline. Toensure proper discipline in school the following card system will beenforced;

Yellow Card: Absenteeism, Uniform & late coming.

To be issued to the students defaulter for the following:

  • Remaining absent from the school for three or more consecutive days without intimation.
  • Not being in proper school uniform or without ID Card even after continuous reminders.
  • Non submission of leave application immediately after joining back.

Orange Card: Academics

Yellow CardTo be issued to the student defaulters in the presence of the coordinators (will be given in the school assembly) for the following:

  • Repeated careless and irregular work.
  • Not bringing the Almanac.
  • Using unfair means during examination.
  • Non completion of homework without any genuine reason.
  • Not bringing the books & copies as per the scheduled time table.
  • Missing ET's/UT's/ET's

Red Card: Discipline

Yellow Card
  • Misbehaving with a teacher.
  • Disturbing classroom teaching.
  • Loitering out of the class.
  • Missing classes, Assembly & Library periods.
  • Using abusive language.
  • Being disobedient and aggressive.
  • Misbehaviour in the school bus.
  • Bullying fellow students and juniors and causing physical injury.
  • Damaging school property.
  • Coming to school in self driven scooter, motor cycle or car.
  • Shouting in the corridor.
  • Use of electronic gadgets.

Black Card:

To be issued by the Principal. Issue of black card will entail suspension for at least 30 days or expulsion from the school with immediate effect depending on the gravity of the offence.

Negative Influence

  • Yellow Card: Not allowed to go out in the break on that day or for a week.
  • Orange Card: Prohibition from the co-curricular activities.
  • Red Card: Suspension from the school for 3 to 7 days depending on the gravity of the offence.

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