Principal's Message

“The great aim of education is not Knowledge but action.”

As I look back over the last more than 3 decades I am possessed by a great feeling of satisfaction to witness that Vanasthali Public School which began its life as a sapling has spread its branches and dug firm roots akin to a banyan tree, providing quality education and a strong foundation to the youth of our nation.

It has more than upheld its aim of coming into existence of providing perfect public school education intermingled with the tenets of Indian Culture.

As the wheels roll, I feel gratified and often contemplate that from being a corner stone in helping students dream, visualize and plan for their future, VPS has indeed been a single candle to light a thousand more and dedicate the darkness of ignorance. After 37 eventful years, the school continues to believe in imparting values and academic knowledge, while lifting the children to that exalted position which will be the beginning of a wonderful dream for them.

We enterprise to map academic excellence with a good human value system, that is in myriad ways ingrained in the culture of the school. To achieve this, we strongly feel that a paradigm shift in the minds of all stake holders should take place so that when the school becomes the hub to initiate and formalize education it has its tenets enshrined in strong academics and life skills; the extension of which is thereby taken home where it is further strengthened. I personally thank every member of the society for steering us in the right direction.

The school is committed to ensuring that our youngsters become responsible citizens of the world.

Mrs. Shashi Jain

Vanasthali Public School, Sector - 3, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad. 0120-4111062, 011 - 22456133 |

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