School Policies

Quality Policy

Vanasthali shall constantly strive to provide an environment that stimulates student learning by consistently using relevant curriculum and scientific teaching methods that promotes academic excellence.

The School shall adopt new and innovative teaching methods and technological aids to enhance teaching-learning processes. The school shall encourage and enable teachers to upgrade their skills and knowledge in continuous quest to advance academic standards of the school.

The basis of learning shall be founded on the values that enable every student to become a happy, healthy and productive member of our society.

Talent Development Policy

Vanasthali shall strive to identify the gifts and talents of diverse learners and provide opportunities for individual competencies to develop their full potential. The school shall engage with guardians and parents to ensure that identified gifts and talents are nurtured both within and outside the school environment.

Safety Policy

Vanasthali is committed to establish and maintain a safe and a healthy working environment throughout the school by adopting safe working procedures and promoting these among the staff and students of the school.

The school shall promote a culture of safety by constantly reinforcing these practices through training and awareness so that each student and staff is a safety ambassador in the community.

Environment Policy

Vanasthali is committed to contributing to environmental preservation by promoting the value of earth consciousness and adopting reduce, reuse and recycle processes in all school activities refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rejoice.

Nanhe Nagrik Policy

Vanasthali shall strive to inculcate value of compassion for all creations, love for the nation and respect for all individuals so that students and staff find joy in serving humanity and are recognized as exemplary citizens of the world.

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